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A lame joke told by 3rd graders and retarded 6th Graders.
"Spell Icup! Huh huh huh!"
"Shut up you Fuckin retard!"
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
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I.C.U.P or in other words "I see you pee."
Alex: "Hey Fred spell I cup (icup)"
Fred: "I see you pee?"
Alex: "You sicko! You watch me pee?"
by Nick Lindeman August 28, 2006
A new product developed by Apple. Improving on the iPod, now one is able to not only listen to music and watch movies, but iCup also allows the user to see through bathroom stalls and doors.
Hey, man, iPods are cool and all, but something about the iCup just kinda creeps me out.
by T-Party 3000 September 09, 2007
Sounds like "I c (see) u (you) pee". Its also a joke used in Elementary school.
Kid: "Spell "icup".
Other kid: "What? NO!"
Another kid: "I C U P, there."
Kid and Other kid: "Ha ha ha ha ha!!"
Another kid: "So?"
Kid: "It stands for I SEE YOU PEE!"
Another kid: "Yuck!"
by RandomPerson1232 March 31, 2010
Mostly told by elementary school students. The joke is that if someone spells "ICup", they sound like they are confessing to watching someone pee.
I C(See) U(You) Pee.
Person A: Hey spell 'ICup.'
Person B: Why?
Person A: Just do it. It'll be fun!
Person B: Okay then.
Person B: I C U P.
Person A: Oh my fucking god! You watch me pee? Fucking pervert!
Person B: What?
by SinceApril2410 October 16, 2014
Acronym for the International Choice of Urinal Protocol. First mentioned at xkcd blag.
Most guys are familiar with the ICUP.
by error216 October 03, 2010
You do? you are one sick fuck
spell icup
by BungaloBill June 08, 2003

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