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Another word for "little". Seems to originate in England.
There's an ickle kitten on the doorstep.
by Kally November 29, 2004
316 82
A tiny item or person but with a huge amount of cuteness and/or youth attached. Coined by ginger-haired freak Chris Evans during the Nineties.

Ickle may be used in the same way as mister, before the person's name.
"Can you tell me if Ickle Sally working today?"
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
143 70
small, miniscule
mr A has an ickle dinker
by martay February 20, 2003
99 40
A word now in common usage originating from baby speak of the word little - a common mispronunciation by children when learning their early words, which has become poplarised and cutesy as a result. See also widdle.
Oh, has diddums got himself an ickle rattle?
by wildilocks January 02, 2006
78 22
A term of endearment used to describe someone small, usually a female. The term "ickle" usually implies that person is cute and that the speaker is quite fond of the person.
Maurs you're quite ickle!
by CoolJames January 21, 2008
52 17
The best damned word used to describe something small, or 'wee'.
Your breasts are ickle.
by Emilyhemmings July 13, 2005
61 35
A word to describe the drunkenness of young adults of the sydney region. A word created by the 'Big Daddy' himself.
"Rez, lets get ickles tonight"

by Big DaDdY April 04, 2013
13 1