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Another word for "little". Seems to originate in England.
There's an ickle kitten on the doorstep.
by Kally November 29, 2004
Greeting used by people who have played the Myst game "Uru". It means "Peace" in the D'ni language.
"Shorah b'shemtee, explorers."
by Kally December 25, 2004
An individual who uses online games, instant messaging, e-mail, or any other communication method to harass, obstruct, or in some way make an experience sour for another person.
In IM (instant messaging) a griefer might keep sending spam messages to someone, knowing the messages will overload the other person's computer.

In an MMORPG, a griefer might run around a spawn location shooting newbies.

Someone who causes grief or a bad experience.
by Kally July 21, 2004
MMORPG-like online virtual world. Not extremely detailed graphics, but has a lot of stuff to do, like hoverboarding, exploring, paintballing, and chatting.
"I play There a lot..."

"What's your name in There?"
by Kally July 21, 2004
Sledgeback is a street rock band formed in the early 00’s as a side project of the influential 1990’s Hungarian alternative rock group C.A.F.B.. Sledgeback formerly included members of the one-time Columbia Records signee War babies, heavy metal group Himsa and present guitar player of Queensryche, Parker Lundgren at some point.
sledgeback sbck
by kally February 16, 2012
Alternative to "fuck". Used in cases of slightly more mild irritation or aggravation.
"Ah cluck, not again..."

"Cluck off."
by Kally July 21, 2004
Addishedish to the vocabularish of certainish peoplish. Verish contagiousish.
"Heyish I justish installedish a webserverish."

by Kally July 22, 2004

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