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A strap-on penis or dildo.
Whose turn is it to strap-on ichabod?
by ted December 12, 2004
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A guy with a very small penis.
Forget that motion of the ocean shit girlfriend! You ain't getting anywhere with Ichabod in the boat!
by Sandy29 August 17, 2006
In reference to the Headless Horseman, an "Ichabod" is a man in an online personal ad who will show you every private part he's got, but not his face, resulting in an endless array of headless profile shots.
Wow, did you check out that profile!

Yeah, but he's probably got a face like a mud fence... Geez, put up a face pic! It's the 21st Century, Ichabod!
by The ModHatter May 24, 2011

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