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A method of stabbing someone with an icepick in order to coerce them into doing something. The picking is based on levels of severity from 1-10. A level 1 would only cause minimal damage, such as to a limb. A level 5 would maim and a level 10 is instant death. The level should be specified when a threat is made.
If you don't give me some of those teddy grahams, you're getting a level 7 icepicking.
by TakingItBack March 15, 2010
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Fucking a very petite girl with a large dick.
Dude how was that girl in the Philippines?

She was hot, only 4'10", I was totally icepicking her!
by Devils lunchbox November 12, 2011
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When a man/woman takes a shit and then presumes to freeze the turd and once done takes it and substitutes it as a dildo
Joey: Bro, did you see Cindy Ice Picking in the bathroom at the party last night?

Craig: yeah
shit got me ROCKHARD...
by Ze Miteh Quinn February 11, 2011
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