when someone has parents from ice land and cuba, they are then an ice cube
arpits mom is from iceland and her dad is from cuba. Shes an Ice Cube!!!
by silly_megz May 24, 2007
wen a gurl puts an ice cube in her pussy and lets it melt.. fully orgasmic
"last nyt i put an ice cube up my pussy...n let it melt...i felt so god damn horny...n had da best orgasm eva"
by "mmmm" April 01, 2005
He may be a shadow of his former self as of now, but no one, and I mean NO one, can fuck with the glory days of his career. Not just his days with Eazy, Ren, and Dre, either; no, his first few albums were just as legendary. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, Death Certificate, and The Predator... few artists have anything on that trio of albums. Sure, he may have started to lose the fire after that, but damn if he didn't have a great run.
Say what you will about the Ice Cube of today, but the Ice Cube of yesterday was one of the best fucking MCs around. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted is the kind of album you'd want for a desert island.
by KrootVegan December 08, 2011
To pull an Ice Cube; use all the milk in the house except for a few drops, therefore when somebody (Ice Cube in Friday) goes to put some on their cereal, they realize they've been had and are told to use water like everybody else.
Man, I went to get some Cap'n Crunch Berries this morning, but somebody pulled an Ice Cube on me.
by misledburnout January 27, 2010
Frozen water, a rapper, or the end of a category 5 network cable.

see ice cube
We ran out of icecubes for lemonade.

Ice Cube never lost his baby face.

So, tell me again which wires to switch on my cat5 before I crimp it in this icecube.
by Cowbert von Moo July 15, 2005
an attack force sent in by an uknown enemy
to attack little girls.
the icecubes are trying to get in my room!
by kriSTOPher11 December 28, 2008

to excel at something while barely trying.

used as a result of the lyric: "last week fucked around and got a triple double."
i was totally ice cubeing last night when i was watching a movie while banging your sister; gave her three orgasms and never took my eyes off the tv.
by last1picked August 03, 2008

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