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to excel at something while barely trying.

used as a result of the lyric: "last week fucked around and got a triple double."
i was totally ice cubeing last night when i was watching a movie while banging your sister; gave her three orgasms and never took my eyes off the tv.
by last1picked August 03, 2008
a person with parents from both cuba and iceland. they are awesome.
WOAH! are you an ice cube, i need to lick you! NOW!
by sniffany snose July 10, 2008
Legitimite hardcore gangsta rapper unlike Ja Rule. Unfortunately also a racist who belongs in jail or the graveyard. Apparently also likes the KFC and ribs a bit too much.
Ice Cube lyrics: "I'm killin more crackers than Boznia & Herzagovina..."
by TruthForYou August 31, 2006
One of the most beautiful men to walk this earth. And he has a pretty mouth.
A: Ice Cube is one pretty man
B: i like his mouth
A: ahaha,"eyy boyy, you sure dew gotta purdy mouth"
by C-Killas August 28, 2008
a rollin 60 gang-member turned gangster rapper.......rapped wit a small group........bounced to college......met wit dre...wrote a song for eazy-e.........helped form nwa........went solo.....does shitty movies
ice cube a rapper crip actor
by lil hrk September 05, 2006
rapper during late 80's through 90's with firstly N.W.A, then solo career in which he recorded with public enemy in NY. Demolished west-side/East-side barrier by leaving LA and recording in NY. Made 2 funny movies: "Friday" and "next Friday". made alot of shithouse movies: "Friday after next" "XXX 2" "Are we there yet"
"Man that movie sucked"
"yeah ice cube is shithouse actor"
"should of stayed rapping"
"fo shizzle nizzle"
"dont ever say that again"
a good rapper and actor. he is one of the few rappers who is not from the hood, which inspires people who make good rap but are not from the hood to make music.
hes not sumone u wanna fuck with
by lighvtrdfdy July 23, 2005