1. Water that is dropped below freezing and placed into trays. The water then freezes and remains as a cube until melted. Most modern freezers have ice cube makers but they typically do not make cube shaped ice.

2. Frozen water cubes that Jamie C uses up her ass during intercourse while being choke fucked.
1. My drink is hot, can I have some ice to cool it down?

2. Jamie's ass is on fire, stuff some ice up her ass and choke fuck her before she gets bitchy.
by Donnie D November 05, 2004
a westcoast hip hop legend that people seem to forget about. everyone always talk about tupac , biggie, nas. well what about ice cube he started this gangsta shit.
person 1: my fav rappers are biggie and tupac.

person 2: what about ice cube?

person 1: oh yea hes good too
by bigdaddywest September 11, 2010
a one-cubic-kilometer international high-energy neutrino observatory being built and installed in the clear deep ice of Antarctica.
Project IceCube will be completed in 2010
by RyanH June 24, 2005
The baddest of the badass rappers.
Ice Cube is to rap, as Chuck Norris is to life.
by TheAwesomeSauz August 23, 2010
Occurs when a person from Iceland has sex with a person from Cuba; the child that comes out is called an Icecube.
John: Melissa just had a baby icecube!
Dave: omgggg!!!!
by heen December 20, 2005
Frozen blocks of water, usually about 1 inch squared. To cool a drink down if it is too warm, or even if you enjoy a cold drink.
Man, this coffee is too warm, i think i'll put some ice cubes in it.

Yes, ice cubes in coffee.
by Irad September 15, 2007
What you get when a girl from Iceland and a guy from Cuba have children.
"You get a guy from Cuba, a woman from Iceland: little Ice Cubes!" -Russell Peters
by Colonel Ketchup May 08, 2008

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