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ICE as in Jewels...Pharell uses it in Drop it like its hot and shows dem blangin jewels in the vid
"see these ice cubes, see these ice creams?" -Pharell in DrOp It LiKe ItS HoT~
by DrOpPinItLiKeItShOt313 November 08, 2004
74 40
Truly the wrong nigga to fuck with
don't fuck with ice cube
by Dagon January 10, 2005
3407 397
One of the greatest Mc's of all time. I dont know what you fuckers are talkin about. You think you're funny with your little acting jokes, but the truth is, if his acting were half as good as his mic skills, he'd be winnin Oscars. I think it's hilarious that a buncha kids who are probably white cyber geeks are commenting on how 'soft' Ice Cube is. He may not have been shot nine times like your gay ass pop rapper 50 Cent, but at least Ice Cube can rap. 50 Cent and all those muthafuckas that just came on the scene suck cock. Ice Cube started this gangsta shit, and this the muthafuckin thanks he gets?
Ice Cube is the hardest mofo out there, dumbasses.
by Jam Master J May 04, 2005
2320 273
A pretty hardcore rapper
person 1: yo ice cube what's up
ice cube: Chillin in the hood
by Bananas May 05, 2005
1171 202
The best damn rapper, rapped with N.W.A. went solo.
Yo man, ima bust some Ice Cube outta my Alpine!
by Chika ching September 07, 2003
1172 259
A rapper who had such good rhymes he could make gay kids movies without being labeled a commercialized fag. Was once a member of NWA but now in Westside Connection.
Still, not as great as he used to be.
by Marbarian May 11, 2005
858 257
THE rap artist. His real name is O'Shea Jackson.
A good example of Ice Cube.
by Lazirus May 02, 2004
730 160
one of the realest, hardest best rappers of all time. one of the founders of gangsta rap along with Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. Now though, he's not as hard. He doesn't rap much anymore and now only acts in shitty movies. His rapping legend will live forever!!!
Ice Cube was one of the realest niggaz ever to hit the scene.
by realgangsta93 October 31, 2005
538 195