I. A girl that doesnt put out.
II. A girl that has a lack of natural secretions to keep your motion lubricated.
Man your girl friend had an ice box.
by Jason February 06, 2003
a social group, consisting of four dude (four corners in a box,) who dont give a fuck. if a member have a significant other, she then becomes known as and icebox bird.
Speaker 1: Yo did you hear that my moms in the hospital
Icebox member: Bro i dont give a fuck
by yosup69 March 10, 2010
1. a prison

2. to reject sexually, especially when done by a woman to a man

3. a figurative place where someone or something is held in reserve

4. a very cold place
He says she ice boxed him but she says that neither of them mentioned sex. (example of ice box)
by The Return of Light Joker January 24, 2010
Of or relating to something that's very cold and frigid, usually in reference to a geographic area or region, and usually consisting of cold temperatures, wind, ice, snow, or a combination of the above.
Syracuse is such an icebox during the winter months, thats why I've transferred elsewhere.
by ZH March 17, 2008
The Icebox is when your at a bar that has a walk in refridgerator in the back room, and you take the bartender back there at close, lick her forehead, stick her forehead to the wall of the "icebox" nail her from behind!
yo dude, i iceboxed the bartender last night.
by The Boro July 24, 2009
a woman who wont put out, or said womans vagina.
God, your cousin shannon is such an icebox.
by Hairlessweasel December 06, 2006
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