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An ice pop or ice lolly is a frozen water-based dessert on a stick. It is made by freezing coloured, flavoured liquid (such as fruit juice) around a stick.
Actually, not a slang word.
- Alice eats a lot of sugar. She's now sucking her third ice pop of the day.
by etzelet March 24, 2011
Giving a guy a blowjob when you have ice in your mouth.
I gave chris an icepop last night

mouth ice
by Jessylynne96 July 27, 2012
Alcoholic drink, made from 3 shots of blue curacao, vodka and bacardi. Mixed with a lemon VS. Slips down easily and tastes no way near as alcoholic as it is. (Duely named as it resembles the blue ice pops you used to eat as a child, that has been defrosted and poured into a glass)
Pint of Ice pop please.
by Ste and Chri February 04, 2008
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