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(noun) A severe argument
That tennis player and his coach have had the mother of the bust ups.
by etzelet October 05, 2010
1.- Another term for (computer) hacker
Perhaps it comes from the tendency of both, hackers and owls to take advantage of darkness
2.- In South America, "owl" is said to a person who forebodes bad things (that become true) to other people.
*.-"night owls" was in the 90's one of the biggest cybergroup
**.- Your mom is a true damn owl. She foreboded me a car crash... ahd guess what ?!!!
by etzelet September 08, 2010
1. A niggard, very selfish person
2. Mc Duck, Donald Duck's uncle
- Please, gimme a sip of coke
- Buy your own soda, bastard !
- You are as scrooge as Mc Duck !
by etzelet December 26, 2010
be screwed up
Toti Passman (journalist): Diego, you are a loser
Diego Maradona (soccer coach): Passman, you have it inside
by etzelet October 26, 2010
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