Ice Head can mean either a really scary, evil, or psycho person who has no emotions or a crystal meth, crack, or base cocaine addict.
"Holy shit that ice head just beat a guy with a pipe wrench!"

"look at that ice head tweaking out all crazy!"
by mateo chavez November 03, 2007
Top Definition
a person the is tweeked out of thier head.(from hawaii)never has a shirt on.strung out on meth.
Get back in the house! Back up you fuckin ice head!!
by evilyne August 07, 2006
someone who constantly uses crystal methamphetamine
he used to only be a stoner, but then he became an icehead.
by rivkah da pimp April 27, 2006
Oral sex performed after eating a freezie or popsicle.
That hooker with a freezie must give ice head.
by Troar November 09, 2007
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