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To have virtual sex via a hand-held device such as an iphone or blackberry and very descriptive textual information.
Would you mind slipping me a quick ibone while I wait for my son to come out of school? Consider me naked. Ya ready?
by petuniafarmer January 20, 2009
To masturbate with audio or images provided by; An iPhone, iPod, or other personal media device. The definition remains the same even if done in private or public.
Sometimes Phill likes to iBone while sitting at a dinner table.
by Gregory K. October 03, 2007
When using iChat on a Mac to video chat with someone, usually a significant other, and having virtual sex. Better than phone sex.
My boyfriend is out of town but we're still gonna iBone tonight.
by MrLately March 21, 2010
When an Apple fanboy gets so worked up by looking at his/her glass products and gets a huge raging boner and just can't hold it in anymore. They then proceed to run the streets naked and try to bone people while proclaiming their love to inanimate objects.
Guy: Wow, I've just realised how sexy this iPhone is. Wow, I've got a huge boner, I think I will go and bone someone on the street and shout "I RAMMED MY PENIS INTO THE HOME BUTTON"

Girl: Fuck me, I've got an iBoner after me. Better get the pepper spray out.
by Luke the Great10101010101 April 10, 2012
n: The physical manifestation of one's arousal when playing with or talking on an iphone.

v: To use an iphone, thus evoking arousal and excitement, usually over iphone apps.
Now that Jay has an iphone, he ibones all the time. It's the apps man...
by Sugatits June 08, 2009
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