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The word used to describe the erection an individual experiences of whom is constantly bragging about the capabilities of his I-Phone, the applications it possesses and other useless tasks it can carry out.
Kosmo: Dude, will you listen to Luca, he never shuts up talking about his I-Phone.

Kenny: I know man, that guys got a permanant I-Boner.
by obindustries1 February 03, 2010
64 8
The sensation that occurs, from heightened excited, in or around your crotchal region when you play with the new apps released for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Usually resulting in no less than a semi.
Dude: "I'm thirsty! Give me a beer from your iPint....gulp gulp gulp...oh god..."
Tool with iPhone: "Dude, do i spy an iBoner in your pants"
by scobb July 21, 2008
15 3
Something fanboys get when they watch Apple Keynotes, go to Apple Stores, play with their iPhones, etc. Ends with the iJaculation of hot, sticky money.
Person 1: "Did you watch the new Apple Keynote from the other day?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it gave me a total iBoner so I went And iJaculated all over the Apple Store at the mall."
by I Just iJaculated December 07, 2011
5 0
Emotional hard-on caused by over glorification and or idolization of Steve Jobs and or apple product at any point in a conversation.
All Jenniffer could talk about last night was Steve Jobs and her iPhone. She totally got an iBoner.
by Poke smot August 01, 2012
2 1
1. The boner from excitement when purchasing an apple product.

2. The boner from anticipation of a new apple product release date.
"Man that new iPhone 4s I just bought gave me a massive iBoner."
by iCrystal January 28, 2012
0 2