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Ian is a funny, odd, crazy, weird, awesome person. He can make you laugh no matter what mood you're in. He is very intelligent and very gifted. Ian is someone that you want to keep by your side at all times. He can be really stupid at moments. Ian is not a very competitive person, but does enjoy winning. Ian is an amazing person, and everyone loves him.
Person One: Hey who's that weird kid over there?

Person Two: Oh, Ian? He's not weird. He's just being... Ian.

Person One: He seems a little odd.

Person Two: He may be odd, but he's the greatest person you'll ever know.
by MoonMoon May 26, 2013
14 2
Jessica: Gosh, Why aren't you ticklish??

Daniel: It's Ian. It's cuz he's awesome. He could stand in a battle field and not get hit at all and he'd just be standing there with his sunglasses on and say, "It's cuz I'm awesome."

Ian: It's cuz I'm awesome!
by Orca<3 November 06, 2010
117 38
Probably one of the greatest beings on the face of this earth, he is very quick witted and always knows how to make everyone laugh oh and also, hes a ginger.
Woah, that kid is such an Ian!
by @%$@&^%!$ August 31, 2008
519 448
a 45 minute shower
"im horny! im gonna go take an ian!"
by ajhgairgnilgn June 25, 2009
173 105
Hot, sexy, cute, and an all around awesome guy. He is good at grinding, and plenty of other amazing things to rock a girls world.
I want to go over to Ian and have "fun"
by Sexyali May 04, 2011
96 33
Ian. A guy who is simply incredible. He's perfect. A simply amazing kisser. The best boyfriend in the world. He's sweet, and caring, and no matter what happens, what him or I do, I will always love him. With all my heart. He understands and is just the guy you would want, girls. But too bad, I'm his girl and he's my soulmate. He's taken <3
Ian: I love u babe
Me: I love you too <3
Ian: Love me forever?
Me: What else could I do in life? (:
by Ian'sGirl<33 August 08, 2011
84 26
to ian: verb

The act of walking extraordinarily quickly and strongly, tank like, must not be confused with the movement of an armoured vehicle. Very useful for walking up hills, or for The Duke of Edinburgh award.
Wow, we really ianed that hill!
by rachelcullen77 June 19, 2010
76 25
1) A popular Scottish name
2) To be artistically creative.
3) Code name for an anigav.
1) Ian is an awesome name from the best nation on earth!
2) Yo, that kid writes, acts and plays guitar; he Ians 24/7!
3) -You're an Ian!
-A what?
by Anigav II January 01, 2007
138 90