Ian: the guy who makes your heart stop. Who takes your breath away with everything he says. The guy who gives you butterflies that you can't stop even if you try your hardest. The best guy on the face of the earth. I love you Ian(:
I love you Ian<3
by mylovemyworld February 16, 2010
Simply the most amazing, perfect, breathtaking, heart stopping individual to ever grace the earth with his presence. You know the Dark Ages? That happened because he wasn't here.

Astoundingly intelligent, hilariously witty, amazingly beautiful, and simply the epitomé of sheer awesomeness. Any words that you can think of that is any way complementary embodies everything that Ian is. Every time someone says the word "Ian" Chuck Norris' hearts stops. The only reason he isn't dead yet is because he's immortal. Like Ian.

Ian selects his friends carefully, as only people who -in some way- reflect his awesome ideals are given the absolute honour and privilege of being called a friend of Ian. Many have died due to sheer ecstasy simply thinking of being named a friend of Ian. The highest honour possibly given to a human being on this planet is being named "Ian's Best Friend", but the position is currently vacant due to the last candidate's head exploding trying to wrap their head around the concept.
Sam: "You know Ian, right?"

Jason: "Of course I know IAN, he's only the supreme emperor of the entire multiverse!"

Sam: "Yeah, well, I heard one time he kicked Chuck Norris in the balls and he thanked him for it"

Jason: "I wouldn't doubt it for a second, it is Ian after all"
by Axires September 26, 2011
Scottish version of the English name John. The corruption stems from as late as 1989 from the Indiana Jones film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". In this film, Harrison Ford plays Indiana (Dr) Jones, who nearly plunges to his death when he steps on the letter "J" as the first letter of the word "Jehovah", when every good classical scholar knows that this word actually begines with an "I". Therefore, seeing as though I was actually born in 1979, for the first 10 years of my life I was known as "Jan", and it was only with the release of this film that my true name of "Ian" was made known to me through the self eveident truths of Holywood.
Jehovah! no sorry, I mean Iahovah! no, I mean Ian
by Ian/Jan July 21, 2006
The best husband, an awsome friend, a sweet guy who is a genuine good guy.
That Ian sure loves his wife. Ians my best freind. Ian always takes care of his family.
by Ianslove February 04, 2010
Someone who can sit in a room for extended periods of time amongst friends and family and say nothing, only laughing nervously and talking about everything from his perspective. Ians are generally very intelligent, mentally gifted people. They can think on a much higher level than the average person. Ians are silly, quiet guys. They can be very funny when they talk. They only talk when they feel that its needed, and only if they think its worth spending the time saying it. An easy going guy, doesn't take much to make him happy and he laughs at almost everything. A pacifist, fairly easy to pick on but if he takes it personally he will retaliate strongly. A very determined individual, he will set high goals and make sure he achieves them. Ians try to become friends with everybody, he doesn't like having enemies. He doesn't like picking sides among peer disputes. Ians don't mind awkward silences if you are with them, even if you aren't talking with him and it is quiet, don't take it uncomfortably. An Ian will always always always be there for you.
Wow, that guy is so Ian!
by Frenzy44 January 02, 2011
Somebody who everyone thinks is "uncool" but on the inside he is caring, and he is emotionally intelligent, able to feel what you are feeling, as well as good looking ;) Most people named Ian came be defined as above.
1) We love you IAN!

2) That dude is such an Ian.
by NicoleDaAwesomeChick June 05, 2010
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