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One sexy fuck
"who's that sexy fuck"
by i'm on a horse May 14, 2013
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Ian is a funny, odd, crazy, weird, awesome person. He can make you laugh no matter what mood you're in. He is very intelligent and very gifted. Ian is someone that you want to keep by your side at all times. He can be really stupid at moments. Ian is not a very competitive person, but does enjoy winning. Ian is an amazing person, and everyone loves him.
Person One: Hey who's that weird kid over there?

Person Two: Oh, Ian? He's not weird. He's just being... Ian.

Person One: He seems a little odd.

Person Two: He may be odd, but he's the greatest person you'll ever know.
by MoonMoon May 26, 2013
14 2
He's an amazing boy, and does everything in his will to make you happy. He has a smile that can light up a whole room and make your heart stop. You will always catch his eyes when you first see them, big and brown. He wants to be with you forever and wouldn't trade you for the world. He calls you beautiful every day and knows how to make you happy. I love you, Ian :)
Person: Did you see Ian?
Me: How could you not? His smile is brighter than the sun :)
by kaaaaaaaaygw May 08, 2013
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Ian; the guy that can make you laugh even when you don't want to smile. Ian's are often very trustworthy & funny. he makes your heart stop when you make eye contact with him & he's very committed when he's in a relationship. He may be clingy but it's only because he cares. He's very easy to talk to & he's an amazing boyfriend.

Love you, Ian<3.
Person 1: omg, her boyfriend is sooo sweet & caring.

Person 2: His name must be Ian.
by hey guise. February 20, 2013
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The most amazing friend a girl could have. he's caring, sweet, funny, and cute. he usually loves screamo music, and is amazing at the guitar. he's really shy. And just an all around perfect person
I Love You Ian, Your Perfect.
by xcapntyinknotsx September 14, 2012
14 6
An extremely sweet guy with great legs. Ian is very awkward and doesn't like what everyone else does. Some might say he is a hipster. They usually like their own kind.
Girl: Gee, Ian was really awkward today.
by Hoobuddyhoolabuddyla October 01, 2011
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Ians is a word that can be used in my different situations. It can be used in place of another word if you are not sure what to say or even if you are. It is an amazing word that can be used pretty much any time anywhere.

It can also be used as an insult (see examples)

Some people may not be familiar with this term but it is growing in popularity amoung young people in the south of england.
'allright u fucking ians'

'you're an ian head'

'Get your ians out'

'Thanks ian'

'I havnt been doing much today, just being an ian'

If 2 people meet in the street the converstaion may go something like...

Man 1: "Ians" *nods*
Man 2: "Ians" *nods back*
by craigy craig October 16, 2009
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