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Each set of sounds has one that shall be stressed
and in these two shall there be one is not
of sets of two no less than five be wrought
and with these sets a subject be addressed
if with these lines one seeks to form a verse
the rhymes each line one first must understand
two sets of four the first and last shall stand
between lay those who differ from the first

at the end of all shall be six lines again
cointaineth they the rhythm of above
their rhyme can differ but I shall begin
with rhyme of three and then the same again
second different from those it is one of
'tis pit'ous that I lack a line to end
See above as example...
by TTB March 15, 2004
The bullshit that is forced upon english students worldwide. Completly subjective, yet somehow grade-able (how?).
I have to write an entire 3pg essay in iambic pentameter but i cant seem to hear the strssed and un-stressed syllables. FUCK!
by devdogg January 28, 2005
A conspiracy theory that gives English teachers a job.
Principal: You're fired.

Teacher: What for?

Principal: You don't teach anything.

Teacher: Yes I do. I'm currently teaching... Iambic pentameter.

Principal: Iambic what?

Teacher: It's a complex literary device. It's really important.

Principal: Oh, well then you'd better keep your job.
by Failliam Suckspeare April 22, 2010
A type of poetry in which each line consists of five iambs.
Shakespearian sonnets are all in iambic penameter.
by Siphos August 04, 2004
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