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3 definitions by Siphos

A type of poetry in which each line consists of five iambs.
Shakespearian sonnets are all in iambic penameter.
by Siphos August 04, 2004
37 29
A type of meter measurement used in poetry. A pair of syllables, the first stressed and the second unstressed. Much German poetry is written in trochees. The trochee's opposite is the iamb.
Each line consisted of four trochees.
by Siphos August 04, 2004
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Aubra is a brunette, 5'4" with hazel eyes and hair past her waist. She is the author of some of the most fantastic stories and poems out there, and an avid learner of poetry, writing, languages, and equestrian skills.
Man, I wish I could hang out with Aubra.
by Siphos March 05, 2005
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