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I Am A Lawyer. Antonym to IANAL
BTW,IAAL, but IANYL ("I Am Not Your Lawyer")
by hgInFla March 29, 2005
IAAL is short for the term "It's all about love".

It can be used in all situations referring to love. Mainly purposed for the feel that goes around at Electronic Music Festivals and Raves. Where everyone attending is in love with everything around them.

Also can be used to describe a person such as a Modern Day Hippy.
Sentence Examples:

Why are you arguing? IAAL man.

Treat everyone nicely, IAAL.

by RiseOverRun January 23, 2012
An abbreviation for the phrase: 'I am actually laughing'.
That's so funny! Iaal!
by Jammie4000 October 27, 2009
stands for "I Am Actually Laughing"

to replace the overused lol

only to be used when you are actually laughing
Emma: This spastic came in the co-op today
Will: iaal
by Williham March 16, 2005
I Am Actually Laughing. A strict acronym only to be used when actually laughing out loud, unlike lol.
xXsk8RpunkXx: It drives me crazy how ppl use lol so much
Jon: iaal!
by Uno Owl March 09, 2007
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