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I am not a lawyer
IANAL, but it seems to me that the lawsuit was doomed to fail.
by ianality June 23, 2003
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Sex toy designed by Steve Jobs, manufactured by the Apple Corp of Cupertino, CA.
I waited on line seven hours to get the iAnal the day it came out.

Oh, I see you have the iAnal also!
by Mr. Luke January 17, 2008
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1. I am not a lawyer. Used to indicate that the legal advice given is not from a lawyer.

2. Used to indicate that you will assfuck a person. Often proceeded with a "U".
1. While in
SgtBurrito: IANAL, but I don't believe that you can go to jail for downloading MP3s and movies, since it is not considered to be a criminal offense.

2. After your ass gets tossed into jail for downloading "You Got Served!" on KaZaA:
Bubba: Hey bitch, IANAL U!
by RIAA Drug Dealer December 20, 2004
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