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A person who is so focused on their iPhone, iPod, or other electronic device that they are completely unaware of the people or occurrences around them.
"This guy just walked right into me! He needs to pay attention and not be an iZombie."
by Tim Rosenblatt March 11, 2008
A 2015 Television show that airs on the CW channel, it is very good in my opinion and slowly getting more popular. You should check it out! It's definitely not your average zombie show.
"Hey, did you see the new episode of iZombie?"

"No man.. gotta catch up!"
by RyukoMatoi April 16, 2015
(Noun) person utterly distracted by technology during conversation, walking, standing in line etc,
"Dude, look at the table with those Izombies sitting there ".
by Jklntrn February 27, 2016
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