The range of products produced by Apple as a result in the acquisition of Nikon.
If Apple acquires Canon all the new range of SLRs will be white, glossy, with a single dial control, HD LCD, heaphones, and called iShoot.

On the other hand if Apple acquires Nikon it will simply be called iWank.
by Sir Knight of 5D Mk II March 11, 2009
An apple ipod/iphone application allowing one to mimic the wanking movement in order to score points.
The longer one keeps up the wanking motion, the higher the score.

Bonus points can be scored from extra techniques such as stroking and shaking the device more rapidly or slowly.
"Dude I just scored 15678 on iWank! Beat that mate!"
"Haha I totally owned you there mate, I scored 45672! It said I had a good variety of thrust action."
by cathdu January 02, 2010
when ones ipod/iphone is filled with porn, to an extent that over 6/8 of the memory is being used for porn
ong thats not an ipod, thats an iwank!!!
by Da Scrummage King April 21, 2010
The new vibrator from Apple, which can be used on men,women or haemafrodites. See also iPoo
guy1:Chris bought a mac and an ipod yesterday...
girl1: ew, he probably needs an iWank too...
by Kinky Pinky August 15, 2005
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