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Someone who buys an iPod of any sorts.
Tommy is such an iTool.
by Kevin January 12, 2005
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An Apple fanboy; A member of the Mac trend, especially one who purchases Apple hardware to be fashionable and not because of any virtue of the hardware over PC hardware.
John and the rest of the iTools stand ready for Steve Job's next command.
by enokev December 07, 2008
A very common bunch of douchebags im sure you've seen. These iTools can be easily spotted having their iPod headphones in there ears at all times, even when they aren't listening to there iPod.
Bob: Steve, what you listening to?
Steve: Oh, nothing.
Bob: Goddamit! Take those headphones out of your ears! Your such an iTool!
by iLOLatFAILS May 03, 2009
Someone who is on their iPhone all the time, even in social situations.
Kevin is such an iTool, he couldn't put down his iPhone when we were playing Kings.
by go-bye October 15, 2009
A person who buys everything from Apple (iPod, iPad, MacBook, etc) even though they might not like or want it...they just want to be part of the "Apple" crowd and submit to doing so like a bot...
"Jose is dreaming about the iPad mini--Gosh, he's such an iTool"
by itoolinventor March 01, 2012

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