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What happens when an Apple product quits unexpectedly or freezes
Sorry, I'm back now my iChat just had an iSpaz
My iTunes just iSpazed and now I lost all my music!
by heart mcs May 21, 2007
What happens when an Apple product freezes or quits unexpectedly
Aw man, my iPod just had an iSpaz!
Sorry, im back my iChat just iSpazed
I lost all my music because my iTunes iSpazed last night
by anonny May 01, 2007
Physically jumping with absolute terror when you turn your iPod/mp3 player on and the volume is fully cranked up.
*I was walking down the street, turned my iPod on and got a bout of fucking iSpaz ...fml, I looked like a retard.*
by Jazbob January 17, 2011

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