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5 definitions by Jazbob

A term used by most racists who are in denial about the fact that they are racist. This phrase is usually followed by "I've got a black friend..."
Usually heard from people who read the daily mail
*I'm not racist but... I think that black people should go back to africa*
by Jazbob January 19, 2011
28 5
A formerly straight woman who opted to follow a lesbian life style. And coincidentally likes muff.
*wow, I didn't know Sarah was a muff bandit, I always thought she liked cock*
by Jazbob January 19, 2011
5 0
Physically jumping with absolute terror when you turn your iPod/mp3 player on and the volume is fully cranked up.
*I was walking down the street, turned my iPod on and got a bout of fucking iSpaz ...fml, I looked like a retard.*
by Jazbob January 17, 2011
4 1
People who claim to be Kings of Leon fans and go to gigs only knowing two songs i.e. sex on fire and use somebody and complain when they play older and better songs.
the KOL gig was full of sex somebodies...the twats
by Jazbob February 07, 2011
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when you laugh through your nose and snot comes out.

People usually try to cover it up but everyones can see and hear a snot lol.....
*dude...did you just snot lol at my joke?*
by Jazbob January 15, 2011
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