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A person who owns an iPhone and is insistent upon showing it off at every possible moment.
Look at that guy flashing his iPhone. What an iPrick!
by zombievictim August 22, 2008
People who, after purchasing Apple products (iMac, iPhone, iPod, iBook) suddenly become superior, feeling 'sorry' for those lower feeders in society who don't own iAnything, and can often be found looking down their noses at others who do not share in their superiority.

Can often be found smelling their own farts, and often at art galleries or 'coffee shops,' carrying books like 'War and Peace' in their arm rather than their bag so that everyone can see what a damn fine smart arse they are.
1: "Check out Mark over there with his new iPhone... it does all this random shit you don't need a phone to do, unlike my old Nokia.."

2: "Yeah, I saw him in the Philisophy section of the library the other day smelling his own farts"

1: "But two weeks ago he didn't care about anything but football...and now he just ignores us when he walks by"

2:" Yeah, he's turned into such an iPrick..."
by CretinousWhelp February 03, 2010
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