If the iPods were on a TV show, the iPod Touch would definetly be the breakout character. It recently began to out-sell the Nano, making it one of the most popular portable media devices of all-time.
(iPod Classic is in the role of a single father living in San Francisco, the Nano and Touch are the two teenage siblings, and the Shuffle is the baby brother)

iPod Classic: Children! I have someone for you to meet! This your new adopted teenage brother, the iPod Touch!
(Laugh track goes "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!")
iPod Touch: It's a pleasure to meet you all!
iPod Nano: I don't want an older sibling! (starts crying and runs upstairs, and eats so much that it gets fat)
iPod Shuffle: I'm small and have no screen, but if you push down on my head, I can talk to you!
iPod Classic: Awww, he just said his first word!

(3 seasons later......)

iPod Classic: Wow iPod Touch, you're so awesome and cool that you were able to to turn the iPod Nano into a small piece of shit that can't even play videos! No wonder you're the most popular iPod!
by "The iPods" Executive Producer November 20, 2010
The most amazing thing in the world next to the iPhone

you can browse the internet, listen to music, watch videos, view maps (i think) and all while bragging about it to your friends.
iPod nano+iPhone-camera-phone function+robber target=iPod Touch
by iLIKEipods June 28, 2010
a common type of currency among delinquints, potheads, and thieves, always stolen and sold within hours
"i have 3 ipod touches, about two hundred dollars"
by theydontlikeyou April 25, 2010
An ipod touch is an mp3 player. It has a multi-touch screen and is very similar to an iPhone. The 4th generation iPod touch(the newest) also has the capability to facetime with other iPods or iPhones. Since iPod touchs are made by Apple], that automatically makes them the best mp3 players that you can get.
zune owner: "dude check out my new mp3 player!!! ii's wicked cool man!!"
ipod touch owner: "no waay!! what kind!?"
zune owner: "a zune! i love it!"
ipod owner: "oh...sucks for you. dude those things suck.especialy compared to my awesome new 64 Gb. 4th Gen. iPod touch!!"
by skilletfann November 29, 2010
An overpriced piece of shit made by Apple. Known for being slow as fuck, blurry ass camera, screens shattering, for having really little RAM, a buggy OS, and broken touch screens in a month.
Faggot: Hey I got an iPod Touch!
Me: Fuck that piece of shit, I have a Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.1 bitch!
Faggot: *goes and cries*
by Rangahatimamangoyumterumgai August 18, 2012
Worsest piece of junk ever made. If too many tabs on Safari are open, it crashes and goes back to home screen.
I was in the middle of reading stuff on my iPod touch and then i had to go back to Safari to continue reading. It sucks!!!
by Windows10Hater September 04, 2012
the #1 thing that people with iPhones hate, unless they also have an ipod touch.

iphone - phone - sms - 3g = ipod touch

easiest way to tell the difference is whether or not there is a speaker on the top part.
"hey is that an iphone?"
"nope, just an ipod touch"
"damn ipods..."
by diudiudiudiudiu March 29, 2009
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