A popular media device designed and marketed by apple computers. Considered to be the predessor to large capacity multimedia devices it is the most popular form of portable mp3 listening machines. Released in 2001 shortly after the return of CEO, Steve Jobs, the iPod has over 80% worldwide marketshare thanks in part to the device's wide spread advertising campaign. With many lacking features, it has become target to the "geek sub-culture" for ridicule and "lameness". However with such popularity iPod has become the world's most prelevlant portable multi-media device and hence has received brand association with all types of multi-media devices and mp3 players.
1. person a: "Hey is that an iPod?"
person b: "No, it's just a mp3 player."

2. "I just downloaded this kickass tune from White snake on my iPod."
by Scorpi0n August 25, 2006
The best thing this world's come up with. contains usually around 500-1000+ songs. battery life around 12-24 hours
small, compact. used by millions of people around the world
the only thing that i need to survive in this world. yes i am a scene kid but w.e

my ipod never leaves me. its always in my ears no matter where i am
by together we fall April 28, 2007
ipods are just another way to help the big computer companies to take over the world. they are horible!!!! i know at least 40 people who got one for christmas, the same exact thing!! and the same thing happens to all of them! i know like 5 people who spent like 400 bucks on the god damn video ones, which are also rip-offs, and they have huge gouges across the screen already. the only reason why people buy them is so they look cool, its just apple trying a corporate take-over!!!!
Do not buy IPODS!!!!! they are stupid! there are at least 100 better mp3 players for less than half the price!!!
by acdcrules January 04, 2006
1. A small tool used by 4-year university students, democrats, and anyone owning a blog to play music, to fuel their madness with green day.

2. An RIAA Black Ops project to charge people for music, and making them think in the process they are rebeling.

3. A series of small pocket sized media devices, used for personal entertainment.

4. Something white people buy.
"Hey Bob-izzle! Have you seen my ipod, i can't write in my webjournal without it."
by Usless Definitions September 30, 2005
one of the most amazing devices ever invented. Has the highest quality music stores and greatest selection. If it ever freezes it isn't completely dead you just have to restart it.
Most people who highly criticize it and make fun of people who have it are just to poor to buy it and jealous of people who have some money.
So if your thinking of buying an mp3 go with iPod cause all of the other mp3's suck balls, especially the gay zune.
guy1: dude I just got a zune!
guy2: why didn't you get an iPod there higher quality
guy1: cause they break in 2 weeks and the battery sucks
guy2: actually I've had mind for 3 years without any problems. And my battery lasts a good 6 hours still.
Guy1: well my zune has a radio
guy2: wow I just got a iPod touch and I has youtube safari mail gps calender and a touch screen.

*guy 1 gets an ipod*

Guy1: dude iPods rock! Apple for life! Zune can lick my anus!
by apple powns July 10, 2008
the sweetest mp3 ( but not limited to mp3 files)player in the world people often say that apple is trying to take over the world...there dumbasses theyre just jealous becuase they dont have one and what about the people that bitch about them breaking yes they can break but ive seen people using their ipods they treat them like shit dropping them shaking them hard drives have moving parts the read and write heads and the like and platters be careful not to drop it especially whilst its reading a song or just running in general you can listen to it spin up and run if you put it up to your ear......yeah so dont be a haterrr yo
ignant hippie: yo mannnnn those people at apple are trying to like take over the world like wal mart and microsoft mann monopolies.. big corporations noot cooool man

douche bag who had an ipod but treated it like shit and it broke and now hes pissed at apple: heyy fuckasss thos ipods suck i had one and it broke what a piece of shit they have poor quality even though they come with a prestine mirror like finish front and back and are sturdy i hate them to try to seem conputer saavy saying the itunes interface and inner workings suck but i havent even tried to write a single program let alone a program as sophisticated as itunes
by ummmm tyler March 17, 2006
I P O D stands for I PUKE ON DICK. It's a nickname for a female who gave someone head and couldn't handle it and then threw up.
Ashley's new nickname is I P O D. T.J. was totally getting some head from her when she barfed. It was HELLA funny!
by Manaaaaa November 04, 2007
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