An Apple-made device that can play downloaded music. iPods cost around $250 in stores, but are remarkably easy to win online.
I don't have an iPod, but I have still managed to salvage some self-esteem.
by Diggity Monkeez March 17, 2005
the coolest invention, ever!
` do you have a i-pod'
`you big twat!'
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
a portable music player that makes life easier and kicks ass.It holds thousands of songs. you can make your own playlist of any songs you like in the touch of a button. it is very easy to operate and you can transfer your songs from the computer to your ipod in the matter of seconds.
i use it every day when i walk home and i make my own playlists. ipod KICKS ASS!!!!!!
by PICKETS February 21, 2005
Plays mp4/AAC (better than shitty vorbis which no one in their right mind would put music in. no one fuckin' uses it and they never will). The menus can be re-arranged to fit your needs (i.e. switching to random quickly. Lightweight but with a large capacity hard drive. Given it doesn't have radio (which they should have added a long time ago), it has everything you need (by the way, what the fuck could an ethernet card do for an iPod anyway? Let you surf the internet? How about you list things that it truely is lacking than making shit up?)
iPods are better than Rio Karmas and other such shit
by smarterthanyou January 24, 2005
Greatest MP3 player of all time...people that diss them either are envyous cause there poor ass shoe salesman fathers cant work up enough money to buy them one...come on guys its not apples fault that ur parents are fucking failures! ive had my ipod for about 2 months and have charged it about 15 times or lasts up to 500 do the math...bitches

those of us that are still living in the CD sorry that you suck at life but just know that when i whip out my iPod im saying that im better than you...

those of us that like to brag about our Creative Zens...LOL...that shit looks like a fat gray brick...give me a break...get an 60GB iPod will own anything they can offer
Creative Owner: Dude check out my Creative I bought it yesterday!
Me: Really..? :Takes out iPod and changes song as light beams on him from the heavens and a choire of beautiful women sing:
Creative Owner: :worships:
Me: Thats right B!TCH!
by Jordan Marsala October 27, 2005
An mp3 player that's battery is replaceble for 40 bucks, not 250, and only dies after 18 months if you are using it until the battery dies then charging it and using it again as soon as its charged, and so on.
The iPod is the best mp3 player. Check your facts retards.
by NotPatBonner August 04, 2004
Standard .MP3 player for the higher class citizens who can afford it. ($250 for mini, $300+ for regular)
I bought songs from the iTunes music store to put on my iPod.
by WarFreak131 January 24, 2005

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