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An owner of an iPhone.

These induviduals are far superior to everyone not owning an iPhone. The iPhowner's will do anything to insure the safety of their iPhone and could care less about others well being.
I'm going to an iPhone party, there's a strict iPhowner only policy.
by RD31 February 18, 2010
It's simple aye. Someone who owns an iPhone.
Guy: My LG Viewty is soo much better than my Samsung

Dude: STFU. If any iPhowner heard that crap you'd be so owned..
by spypsy September 26, 2008
Someone who is constantly takes (or iPhowns) other peoples' iPhones, so much so that it would appear that they own their own.
Dude she's such an iPhowner - always taking mine to play tap-tap and go on facebook!
by ScolloP November 16, 2009
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