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To use an iPhone, its freaking cool 'apps' and internet access.
Stop iPhoning and start driving, we're gonna be late for this maccas run - it's already 3am for frig's sake.
by ScolloP October 14, 2009
v. The act of knocking, demeaning or otherwise making-fun of the band 'Shortstack' and their sheer lack of musical talent.
Hey! Don't shortbash, don't you know it hurts their feelings.
by ScolloP November 28, 2009
Someone who is constantly takes (or iPhowns) other peoples' iPhones, so much so that it would appear that they own their own.
Dude she's such an iPhowner - always taking mine to play tap-tap and go on facebook!
by ScolloP November 16, 2009
To have your iPhone taxed by someone, usually on a regular basis, in order to play tap-tap, access facebook or another of the iPhone's various 'apps'.
Man, I totally just iPhowned you but what's your PIN-Code, I wanna play tap-tap!
by ScolloP November 16, 2009

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