a polish somalian who has a big onion head... likes to yell in counter-strike scrims because he baits people and then he dies because he is cal-o pressure... also hobbies include dressing in nigger clothes and buying paintballguns at walmart.
lol! look at tom uszynski shop in walmart what an illuzion!!! roffla.
by miggy January 09, 2005
Top Definition
A very talented individual who does not stop owning. See l33t
Damn, that guy just pulled an iLLuZioNs!
by TheMan March 21, 2004
another name for an homosexual who is still in the closet (ie. an "illusion" of a straight person)
1. that dude is totally an illuzions
2. stop illuzioning dude and just admit it
by Jackpot27 March 27, 2004
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