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A very talented individual who does not stop owning. See l33t
Damn, that guy just pulled an iLLuZioNs!
by TheMan March 21, 2004
9 1

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another name for an homosexual who is still in the closet (ie. an "illusion" of a straight person)
1. that dude is totally an illuzions
2. stop illuzioning dude and just admit it
by Jackpot27 March 27, 2004
2 1
a polish somalian who has a big onion head... likes to yell in counter-strike scrims because he baits people and then he dies because he is cal-o pressure... also hobbies include dressing in nigger clothes and buying paintballguns at walmart.
lol! look at tom uszynski shop in walmart what an illuzion!!! roffla.
by miggy January 09, 2005
2 8