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A girl who is pseudo-famous for her videos about nothing on Youtube. She claims to be a tech-focused person, but making spoofs of Ke$ha and videos of dancing around in the streets don't really attest to that.
If iJustine was not good looking, she would NOT be pseudo-famous. Just another random, annoying, rambler on YouTube.
by Jess253234 May 23, 2010
A youtube famous girl who loves apple, dancing in apple stores, dancing in other places, and black ops
Today I watched a youtube video with ijustine in it.
by tacolover224 January 08, 2011
Female youtuber who buys every apple gear claiming to be a fan without knowing shit about it.
I love iJustine because she knows every thing about technologie fake
by jokius May 05, 2016
i know she is such an Ijustine
by 68+1 November 05, 2011
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