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A presumptuous Apple product user who looks down on people who do not use Apple products or worships Apple products at the exclusion of common sense.
"Steve Jobs is an iHole."
by C. A. Swain July 10, 2008
Someone who deliberately ignores you by keeping his or her iPod earbuds in when talking to them.
Bitch, quit being an iHole and listen to me! I know you can hear me!
by Anda and Jamie January 22, 2007
People who are partial to Macs or Apple products. They always find a reason why Macs are better than PC's and never seem to shut-up about this topic. Most people just block i-Holes out but i-Holes keep talking about why you need to switch to apple products.
i-Hole: The new MacBook is coming out with OSX Tiger Shark Delta on it. It is totally going to destroy PC's...I am so excited! You really need to buy one cause PC's suck.

Normal Person: Thats great, will you stfu now?
by VJN463 September 18, 2007
The place very similar to a K-Hole...that an iPhone/Pod user falls into, leaving themselves oblivious to the World around them.

"Hey! Crawl out of your iHole and join us in the real world!"
"Wow! He/She sure is in an iHole!"
by Klydzdale March 08, 2009
An iPhone owner who constantly answers any questions posed by others by google-ing or using wikipedia.
"Man, I just can't remember who directed the original Dune movie!"
"What was his name? Dave something?"
*Furious tapping*
"OBVIOUSLY it's David Lynch."
"Oh. Thanks iHole."
by Lavinia Heart August 26, 2008
Someone who is completely obsessed with Apple products/accesories and of course will rub it in your face when they get the new iPhone.
Dave sold his blackberry on Ebay so that he would have enough money to but the new iPhone. Oh so cool....what an iHole!!
by mskitty July 19, 2007
A militant Apple fan who can't see beyond their often self-fulfilling products - usually a recent convert.
"This iPhone 5 is the most amazing thing that ever was, look it even makes calls!"
"God, you're such an iHole.."
by footfarmer September 12, 2012
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