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Something you shove up your ass while listening to iTunes
(Guy calls Apple store pretending to be Steve Jobs)
Guy: We're releasing a new Apple product, you wanna know what it's called?
Apple Store Employee: sure
Guy: it's called the iDildo, you shove it up your ass while listening to iTunes
*Apple Employee hangs up*
by applealex October 05, 2009
The art of using an iPhone or an iPod as a dildo in the vaginal canal or anus to pleasure a female (or male if your a sick queer).
Dude I walked in on my sister using an iDildo and then i watched her.
by Anuslicker69 March 04, 2009
One who is so in love with there iphone or ipod that they frequently use is as a dildo
"Using her ipod as an Idildo, Jenny stuck it up her vagina, it was disgusting to watch."
by hihac February 08, 2009