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a way to casually connect with the opposite sex in public places like a college campus or dining hall.
iDating is when a guy and girl share the same set of headphones. usually started by noticing what is on his/her iPod and attempting to start a conversation about music
works best when done in routine, IE a break between classes, and when new music is presented on a regular basis
guy #1- how are things going with that girl in your poly-sci class?
guy #2- not bad, right now we iDate after until my next class. hopefully net week i can give her a hot lunch
by WLPS April 01, 2009
Its when you go on a date (only you and your phone) with Siri, your virtual assistant. The requirements you need to go on such a date with Siri is you must have an iPhone 4S.
An iPhone 4S user: Siri want to go on an iDate

Siri: Let me search that for you

An iPhone 4S user: I really like you and we've known each other for a while

Siri: Let me find the closest restaurant for you

Siri: Would you like the directins to McDonald's

An iPhone 4S user: It's an iDate!
by Mike14 February 13, 2012
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