Large, bulky, ungainly MP3 players that are considered obsolete to the iPod, but really aren't, because they usually have mose space, better features, and are cheaper.
The Nomad Jukebox and Dell Jukebox are considered iBricks because of their sizes, but they're the best MP3 players out right now
by bigtones February 11, 2005
Top Definition
Apple's iPhone before activation. Refers to how useless it is when it can't do anything, and its striking resemblance to a brick.
I can't activate my iPhone, so I'm sitting at my computer crying and staring at my iBrick.
by thesadmonkey June 30, 2007
The term used to describe an unactivated iPhone, due to the fact this it is mainly a useless, shiny, brick-like device until you wait the 24+ hours for it to work.
I can't wait until I can use this iBrick for something other than holding loose papers from falling off my desk.
by YanaBanana July 02, 2007
an iPhone that is rendered useless by ill advised hacking to try and unlock it by unofficial means.

I downloaded this software from the internet to unlock my iPhone, and i've ended up with a iBrick
by gbshahaq June 10, 2008
Any piece of Apple technology that you bought new only to find that it's completely useless less than five years later due to planned obsolescence.
Whoa! Is that an iPod 5GB?!
-Yeah, I remember I spent like $400 on it and now it's just an iBrick.

Dude, I don't know what to do with this iBook, I bought it in '02 and now it's basically an iBrick.
by missalissa June 10, 2008
An Apple iPhone that cannot be activated due to AT&T account problems, computer/software compatibility issues, etc.
I was excited to buy my iPhone on June 29, 2007, but ended up with an iBrick
by Dr. Wolf July 02, 2007
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