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Noun. Someone who purchases, uses and often adorns him/herself with Apple Computer products like the iPod, iPhone, iBook and who will not consider any other product and will often times convert others to Apple products.
John ran into an i-Borg who would not stop talking about the merits of the i-Book.
by Wyrd August 13, 2007
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The future technology that Steve Jobs will implement on Apple users, converting them into his army to take over the world.
Oh shit, the iborgs are burning my house down.
by JJacques June 02, 2011
People who are devoted to Apple products (ie. iPhone, iPad, etc.) and think they are the ONLY products that matter and will shell out their life savings just to own the newest Apple product.
"Look at all those iBorgs waiting in line for the new iPhone. I doesn't go on sale until next week!"
by suicyco February 15, 2013

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