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Noun. Someone who purchases, uses and often adorns him/herself with Apple Computer products like the iPod, iPhone, iBook and who will not consider any other product and will often times convert others to Apple products.
John ran into an i-Borg who would not stop talking about the merits of the i-Book.
by Wyrd August 13, 2007
The Communist version of manpanion. See manpanion.
"Igor and I go to the bath houses together outside St. Petersburg. Yes, Igor is my favorite manrade."
by Wyrd March 14, 2007
Prounouced: eye-deeyot. Someone who has difficulty navigating simplified electronic interfaces like the iPod.

We had to place him with the other i-diots for he failed to operate something as simple as an electronic timer.
by Wyrd August 13, 2007

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