A mature adult film watched by underaged children and do not want the female population or adult population to find out that they have watched the film.
The guys watch a Cathouse movie on HBO and the girls later asked what movie the guys watched that night. The guys responded by saying "I Robot."
by monkey boy 3 January 15, 2006
Top Definition
a movie whos sentimental value got destroyed for putting in 5 advertisements in a 10 minute period.
the onlt thing it had in commoon with the book is the title.
I don't know why, but after the movie I came out of the theater wanting to buy a pair of Converse shoes (vintage 2004), have them delivered to my local FedEx station, drive my MV Augusta SPR motorcycle to pick them up, stop by the shop to have my new JVC CD player installed in my Audi, pick up a couple of Dos Equis on my way home, wash it down with an Ovaltine and then invest what money I have left into a mutual fund with Prudential Life Insurance.
by Afronight October 11, 2004
One reason why Will Smith is legend.
Will Smith is so bad ass in iRobot.

by christian flores August 29, 2008
A subclass of iShit. An overpriced robot with a crappy logo but no functionality.
Alpha: Dude, so I hear they're coming out with an iRobot.

Beta: I totally iWant that!

Alpha: Yeah, I also want a robot with no functionality that costs twenty times more than my car!
by iMicrosoft Tech Support December 04, 2008
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