A letter added to the beginning of words by companies who think it will sell more of their products.
Guy 1: "Hey lets sell this fan and we'll call it...an iFan!"

Everyone else: "Brilliant!, simply brilliant! It will sell just like an iPod!"

by James1410 August 24, 2007
The most frequently used word by the most self-absorbed people on Earth.
I need a car! I need my food! I need everything! Dammit, I have no time to think about anyone else, and that's fine.
by sazzlefrazzle January 06, 2006
1) A letter that hoards of businesses and websites put in front of their names and products to make them sound cool. The trend was started by Apple Inc. and since then countless companies have jumped on the bandwagon and done the same thing.

2) A letter which, when placed in front of any word, indicates the online version of that thing; regardless of whether the online version actually exists or not.
1) I just went to iGoogle on my iMac and searched for BBC iPlayer but then someone texted my iPhone to tell to me that iMesh have been taken down off the web.

2) I was getting iBullied by this iThug and I kept hoping the iPolice would show up and kick him into iJail.
by Atomik Spongeface June 21, 2008
A prefix that corperations put in front of everything new to make it look revolutionary. This usually has to do with music or other electronics. Apple started the I-generation when releasing the "i-pod" on oct.23 2001. After this, many other I-products by apple were released. The "I" apparently wasn't a registered trademark because producers from other companies (not necessarilly associated with apple) started making "I-products" such as variations of I-homes, I-cases, I-chairs, I-toothpicks, I-foot massagers, I-lint, ect.
This could be associated with other urban corporate prefixes such as Mc or jumbo.
Someday we could be defined as the I-generetion by future historians.
Judy: DAD! I-want to go on i-tunes for my i-pod but the i-mac isn't working!
Dad: I-DK... Are you sure it's the I-macs fault? I-think you have to hook the i-mac and the i-pod with the i-chord.
Judy: I-ll try.
by pedrotheporcupine January 10, 2009
A number that... should not, and connot possibly exist... but does because somebody couldn't have just left the square root of -1 alone...

an imaginary number
Panthean: I have reason to believe i comes from the negaverse, and is therefore the source of all evil
by Panthean April 23, 2008
Me or you ( depends who's reading it )
** It was easy **
The mathematical symbol i is the square root of negative one. The i stands for imaginary. The square root of negative one has no practical function in the life of the average human.
It was quantified only to be able to solve mathematical proofs.

However, i is not the only imaginary number. It is but the first number in a yet unsubscribed numerical system. It is metaphorically equivalent to the place of the number 0.
The square root of negative one is i.
by ego.summopere July 29, 2010
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