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>The square root of a negative number.
>A number which you can think of which doesn't actually exist.
>(-1)^0.5 or the sqaure root of -1
= -1i.
>Hey, I just thought of a number that doesn't exsist.
by Adrian Roworth October 08, 2004
The concept that exists just to make people in Algebra 2 die of confusion.
"How does this pointless stuff that I'm not even going to use when I'm older even make sense? I just don't see how there can be Imaginary Numbers!"

(dies in class)
#algebra 2 #high school #imaginairy numbers #death #apush
by NYC213 October 05, 2015
A number which all mathematicians can agree does not exist in math, but one which we put into equations just for the sake of argument and because it is so much fun.
"The solution to this equation is an imaginary number."
"So there is no solution?"
"Well, no, but I found it anyway."
#imaginery number #i #square root #root of negative #fake number
by Sporess January 29, 2012
An imaginary number is used in pointless math equations that do nothing but find another number. They are the reason for bad grades in math classes. Imaginary numbers have no real significant value except that you get a grade for something that is fake. Imaginary numbers come in letter form just to piss everyone off. They are the drunk girl at the party in the number world.
Aaron: I love imaginary numbers because I'm delusional.
Justin: Shut the fuck up. they are fake and you are high!!!
#imaginary #numbers #math #bulshit #class
by J_Ran the King May 22, 2009
A number that can be written in the form a+bi, where a is zero and i is the square root of negative one
Examples: 3i, -2.8i, 5000i, etc.
by A equals A April 11, 2005
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