- A pronoun used when somebody is referring to his/herself
- The 9th letter of the alphabet
- The Roman numeral for 1
- The chemical symbol for iodine.
Quote from Footskating 101 (awesome South African film)

Gramps- There is no I in team
Vince- Such profound words
Gramps- No really. There is no I in team.
(Vince looks at his presentation board to find that he has spelt 'team' as 'teaim') ROFL
by The Goat in the Tree January 06, 2011
A prefix that originates from describing someone as inappropriate, e.g. "Inappropriate Dave", because they seem to have no social skills or generally don't seem to be able to say or do anything right. Can be added onto almost any word to denote that it is annoying, awkward, not very good, or just wrong. Never meant in a malicious way, however. The shortening to just "i" and the fact that it is always in the lower case with the second letter of the word in upper case takes its inspiration from various Apple products, such as the iPod or iMac.
1. "Look, it's Inappropriate Dave"
"Or just iDave as he's now known"

2. John, talking about his piles in the restaurant, made what can only be described as an iComment.

3. Carl was iDancing, flailing his arms around and generally pissing everyone else off.

4. "That dream I had about my dad and Dale Winton last night was the worst iDream ever!"

5. Doing 32mph on a clear dual carriageway, Geoff was demonstrating some serious iDriving.
by Viva La Bambi April 08, 2006
A prefix that a company name Apple uses to charge you 2-10 times more than products lacking this prefix
Jim payed $50 for his non-Iphone his friend Jack payed $500 for his I-Phone, but Jim was ultimately happier.
by drew8852 April 26, 2015
1. The square root of negative 1

2. Apple's favorite letter

3. That letter between h and j

4. When bad spellers try to write "I"
1. That number i doesn't make any fucking sense.

2. Guess what? I got an iPod, and an iPad, and an iPhone, and an iMac, and the other iShit...

3. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

4. i am so good at speling, aren't i?
by That Other Guy March 05, 2012
by Psedoudnym June 01, 2015
Often associated with Blink-182 song " I Wanna F*** A Dog". Often puts emphasis on the "I..." then continues to sing " I wanna F*** a dog in the a**".
Used to make an awkward silence even more awkward and/or draw attention to yourself.
Bill: So Guys... I'm Gay
Mark: I....
by They Call Me....Kernal March 17, 2011
The ninth letter of the alphabet, a first person singular pronoun, used to refer to oneself as a speaker or writer
I think it's right.
by katiecutie101 December 12, 2009

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