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a stupid term that is used by mcdonalds, supposably stolen from viagra. mcdonalds has obvuiosly made a mistke in spelling it. fitst they shoulve pu it "i am loving it" then they mispelled it horribly, in which the real prase should be "ailing vomit."
mcdonalds is starting to realize that people are obviosly hating their food, so they put more chemicals in it.
hey guys! we know that paople hate our food, so we shall change the slogan to "the only way to get rid of this food, is to eat it."
by Afronight October 11, 2004

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Upbeat exclamation of personal well being or good circumstance. As in the McDonalds advert featuring Justin Trousersnake.
"Hey how's that coctail?"
"Do do dum do do.... I'm loving it"
by Badboy October 30, 2003