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A person who proclaims christian values while acting in the opposite manner. A portmanteau of hypocrite and christian.
During the divorce, his outwardly fine, upstanding, church-going parents-in-law were nasty, underhanded and dishonest. This caused him to invent the word hypochristian to describe their behaviour.
by misterekz September 23, 2011
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An individual who is diametrically opposite to the basic foundational teachings of Jesus the founder of the Christian faith. In essence they are a total hypocrite in all aspects of what it means to be a Christian.
Peter: Did you know that church is so hypochristian! They think they have the right to tell others how to live.
John: Isn't that like saying to God, "Hey you aren't doing your job right! I know what's best here"
Peter: Maybe it's an innate desire to be their own autonomous being. A feeble attempt to be their own god.
by The Xenograph June 15, 2011
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A person that practices Christianity but goes against all of its teachings by being mean, hurtful and nasty to people.
My sister is such a hypochristian, she just told me I'm poor white trash and will never go anywhere in life while driving to church.
by Attacker March 03, 2010
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a false christian; a person who claims to be born-again the Bible way, but are sons of satan, who show this via their satanic hypocrisy and godlessness.
Billy Graham is a good example of a hypochristian; he won't evangelize the pope, because he is a very high level freemason!
by zzz November 18, 2003
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all of the above, anda rocking song by kult of the dead rock star
by tranquil_demon September 10, 2003
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