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Mouth of God, used in context with rumours of mishaps in Area 51.
can't really think of one...
by zzz February 27, 2005
Agent Smith with pointy ears and long hair
I would not be surprised if Elrond said to Aragorn: "Mr. Aragorn, we meet again..now give up those codes."
by zzz December 17, 2003
1. person whom of which races from keyboard to keyboard to keyboard to keyboard (see a pattern forming here?) to yet another keyboard so he can post online messages on Internet bulletin boards and discussion forums. Can often be found belittling innocent people (posters) of said domains. Visit keyboardracer.com for more visual and definitive information.

2. see: flamer, gayrab, manatee, and troll.

3. person whom of which uses many different computers to dupe Internet audiences, webmasters, and website moderators into thinking that the keyboard racer's posts are actually different people and user-names.

4. person whom of which uses different I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) addresses to pose as different people online. Also known to use Internet anonymous software that masks cookies, route paths, and I.S.P. addresses.
"Yeah, dude... looks like Mr. Keyboardracer just banned from yet another website for his flaming, slandering, profanity, and all out lying. When WILL he learn to stfu?"
by ZZZ June 10, 2004
A nickname used for memebers of the Asian interest fraternity, Pi Alpha Phi.
Let's go to the pineapple party tommorow.
by zzz January 18, 2005
a false christian; a person who claims to be born-again the Bible way, but are sons of satan, who show this via their satanic hypocrisy and godlessness.
Billy Graham is a good example of a hypochristian; he won't evangelize the pope, because he is a very high level freemason!
by zzz November 18, 2003

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