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Someone who is always praising God but then stabs people in the back or goes against God any chance they get.
This guy goes to church every Sunday but on Monday he is drinking beer at the Horse track and chasing women, this makes him a hypochristian.
by glenn1907 June 30, 2006
One who uses religion as a weapon or shield for personal gain or for the sole purpose of performing devious acts of some sort.
Many television evangelists, some priests and a few people I have met are total Hypochristians.
by The Gorilla Man January 16, 2013
A wayward christian. The word was first coined in 1976, by writer Curtiss deVedrine, and first published in his book "The Second Coming Of Age", first published in 2000.
Dick is a hypochristian because he dates married men.
by harley headus April 21, 2008
A Christian Who Talks about Love, Peace and Tolerance, then does the Complete Opposite.

This often Occurs when Discussing Homosexuals
"You Talk about Love, Peace and Tolerance but Really you're a Hypochristian"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010
A follower of the Nazarene incarnation of the Mosaic deity Yahweh, variously referred to as Jesus, Yeshua, Christ.

See also Yahwehpocrite.
Wow, you Hypochristians attend abortion rallies to defend fetuses but you think that it was ok for Yahweh to order the slaughter of Amalekite babies! I don't get it!
by GreatBigBore February 22, 2010
Someone that doesn't practice what they preach; claim christian values with contradictive actions.
Yesterday at church some hypochristian bitch says to me, "I can't believe you wore white after Labor day. How tacky."
by elsbeth April 15, 2014
A person who proclaims christian values while acting in the opposite manner. A portmanteau of hypocrite and christian.
During the divorce, his outwardly fine, upstanding, church-going parents-in-law were nasty, underhanded and dishonest. This caused him to invent the word hypochristian to describe their behaviour.
by misterekz September 23, 2011